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Stevia sweetened drink concentrates

Recently, we succeeded in developing stevia sweetened fruit juice/pulp based natural drink concentrates. Several formulations have already been commercialized by two different companies.  These formulations do not have any added sugar in them.

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These products bust several myths

Myth 1 : Stevia sweetened products always have an after-taste

No stevia related after-taste is recognizable in these formulations. The reconstituted drinks have a very acceptable sweetness profile. Both the attack and decay phase in the sweetness perception in these products closely matches of that of sugar.

Myth 2 : Deep sugar reduction with stevia is challenging

These products do not have any added sugar, but, despite that, they have excellent sweetness sensory profile. The taste of these drinks is similar to, if not better than, the sugary drinks.


Myth 3 : "Healthy" and "Delicious" is an impossible combination


The major component of these drinks is natural fruit pulp. Thus, these products have all the nutritional benefits of fruits, which are natural sources of vitamins, dietary fibers are anti-oxidants. There is no added sugar, artificial sweeteners and synthetic preservatives in these products. So, these products are unquestionably healthy. The taste profile of these drinks surpasses that of any fruit drink sweetened with sugar. So, these drinks are unique combinations of health and taste. 

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These formulations are very consumer friendly. For making a glass of natural, health and delicious drink, 20 ml of concentrate is to be diluted in 200 ml of chilled water or soda. The concentrates are preservative free and has an effective shelf life of 6 months even when stored in ambient temperature. The reconstituted drinks do not have any after-taste and they taste better than similar drinks made with sugar as sweetener.

These formulations have low glycemic index and are loaded with natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and other bio-active components. The fruit pulp content of these drink concentrates is more than 50%. Natural soluble dietary fibers are also an important component of these formulations.


This is a new niche for application of stevia and deep sugar reduction. We are looking for organizations interested in commercialization of these novel products.

Developed product range


Tangy and sweet, with appropriate saltiness. Excellent as summertime cooler or mojito base. Instantly refreshing . Made with natural lemon juice.



Unique combination of tart, astringent and sweet taste with a spicy flavour. The drink resembles traditional Indian drink "Kala Khatta



Combination of sweet wholesomeness of peach and stimulating black tea. Excellent as mood booster 


Robust flavour with just the right combination of sweet and tartness. Very comforting. We have developed drink concentrate, syrup and jam with stevia.



Tart, sweet and spicy.......very exotic taste. Flavoured with cumin and black paper and supported with just the right amount of black salt. You will fall in love with this drink once you taste.



Sweet, flavourful and comforting. The familiar orange drink in a new sugar free avatar. Tastes better than normal sugar sweetened orange drink. 

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Sweet musky fragrance with tropical notes of papaya, passion fruit, melon and ripe pear....with correct balance of sweetness and acidity.  

And many more in pipeline

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