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Recent Trends in Stevia Formulations

Steviol Glycoside - Formulation Challenges 



As a sweetener, steviol glycosides poses several technical challenges to the formulators. Some of the major technical challenges are -


  1. Slow onset of the sweetness

  2. Hollow sweetness.

  3. Long lasting aftertaste.

  4. Perceptible bitterness above 6% sucrose equivalency.

  5. Short shelf life for the liquid product.

  6. Keeping a clean and natural label while reducing calories

  7. Side effects of the auxiliary components.

  8. COST

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Co-crystallization of Steviol Glycosides with sugar alcohols

Development of process technology for co-crystallization of steviol glycoside and erythritol has been standardized in our laboratory.


In this process, both the components are integrated into single crystals. The resultant product looks just like crystalline sugar. The crystals are shiny and transparent. In this type of products, individual components never separate.


All the detailed engineering of the low cost process is also now complete. The same technology can be used to produce co-crystallized product of steviol glycoside with any sugar alcohol

Stevia crystalized
Co-crystallized steviol glycoside
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