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Technical Assistance Services for Stevia Farming

Stevia Value Addition Chain


The success of stevia as a commercial crop is dependent on efficient integration of the plantation with its downstream processing and value addition until it reaches the ultimate consumers. Stevia value addition chain comprises the following components and revenue can be generated from several stages.

Major Advantage of Stevia as a Cash Crop


  1. Stevia is a low-input environment friendly crop. The overall annual expenditure is less in comparison to short duration crops like vegetables and cereal crops.

  2. It is a very resilient crop – not susceptible to most of the agricultural pest and diseases.

  3. Offers higher revenue per unit area cultivated in comparison to tea or coffee.

  4. Since Stevia is mostly cultivated under buy-back regime, it offers better visibility of future revenues.

  5. It has high water use efficiency and can be farmed as non-irrigated rain-fed crop .

  6. Stevia can be profitably farmed without intensive farm mechanization.

  7. After harvesting, Stevia requires only minimal post harvest processing (sun-drying) to make it non-perishable.

  8. The proposed extraction facility will ensure excellent value addition and will increase the export earning potential many fold

Key Success Factors for Commercial Stevia farming

Correct location specific variety

Own nursery for independent planting material production

Planned high density plantation

Optimum leaf production economy

Optimum steviol glycoside profile in leaves

Proper nutritional management

Efficient pest and weed management

Scientific post harvest processinhg

Basic Roadmap for a Farming Start Up

Identification of Farming Site on the basis of its suitability for Stevia farming

Making the master plan for the farming and post

harvest facility

Sourcing the cultivars and establishment of in-house planting material production facility

Field trials for identification of correct location specific cultivars

Large scale multiplication of the identified


Establishment of commercial plantation and post harvest facility

Available Technical Assistances
Dos and Don'ts for Stevia Farm Start Ups

If you want to avail technical assistance for your stevia farming project from me, kindly fill up the following form. I shall provide you with a quick proposal and quote.

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