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Successfully established a modern plant propagation unit in Central America with a production capacity of 60,000 plants per day.

Established mechanized farming in 50 Ha. in Guatemala with modern mulching and drip irrigation system.


Designed and successfully tasted farm level post-harvest facility comprising mechanized fluid bed dryer, leaf and stem separator and hydraulic bailing.


Developed a non-traditional steviol glycoside extraction method and implemented the technology in many commercial units.

Liaisoned with Chinese Technology providers for a 100 TPA steviol glycoside production unit, Received and evaluated the entire technical design, and sourced the equipment from different parts of world.


Developed and commercialized retail formulations in sachet, tablet, liquid and spoonable forms.


Developed “all organic” and "super wellness" formulations for niche markets


Developed several industrial formulation for institutional consumers.

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