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Selected Presentations on Stevia

Emerging Opportunities in Phytochemicals

When I was looking after the operations of a stevia venture, I was asked to set a ridiculously ambitious goal for company and I was also asked to suggest possible means to attain that goal. I took it as a fun exercise – and tried my level best to be as ridiculously ambitious as my imagination permitted. 

I set up a goal – “Stevia based sweeteners at a price cheaper than that of sugar for equal sweetness”

Then I tried to work backwards – to figure out a plan for achieving that goal. I prepared a short presentation. When I presented it in front of the whole management, they commented that my imagination is not “fertile” enough for coming up with a really ridiculously ambitious goal !

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Diabetes Awareness and You (DAY) is an eminent social welfare organization working to build up awareness for diabetes and providing free/low cost treatment to the disadvantaged section of the society. They have recently initiated a project called “Diabetes Educators Education Program” (DEEP). Under this program, DAY organized an education seminar on “Sweetness Without Sugar” on 25th June, 2016 at Indian Science Congress Auditorium, Kolkata. The program was attended by doctors, dietitians, pharmacists, nurses and physiotherapists. In that seminar I presented on “Obesity Epidemic and Sweetener Options”.

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