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Participation in International Seminars
  1. 2nd Stevia World Europe, 18-19 May, 2010 – Geneva, Switzerland 

  2. 6th World Convention on Stevia: Stevia Tasteful 2014 - Science, Formulation & Extraction: The Subtle Balance. Berlin, Germany, June 19-20, 2014



Other Experiences

Bodhjungnagar Food Tasting Laboratory in Agartala, Tripura, India

Gas Chromatograph
Microbiology Lab
Analytical Lab
Spectophotometry Lab
Bodhjungnagar Food Tasting Lab

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  • Provided project consultancy to M/s Victory Herbals Ltd. Butibori, Nagpur for stevia based herbal formulations.

  • Provided project consultancy to Tripura Industrial Development Corporation for setting up regional level food testing laboratory.

  • Provided project consultancy for setting up steviol glycoside based product development and quality control laboratory to M/s RV4, Mr. Juan Stahl, Guatemala,

  • Provided Project consultancy for setting up of stevioside based formulation unit to M/s Perceive Pharma ltd., Kolkata  

  • Done feasibility study for establishment of tetanus toxoid vaccine plant for M/s Gluconate Health Ltd.

  • Provided Project consultancy for developing of stevioside based OTC pharmaceutical formulation to M/s Gluconate Health Ltd, A public sector unit in Kolkata.  

  • Provided project consultancy for manufacturing of herbal OTC formulations (liquid and tablet) to M/s Cycos Herbs Ltd.

  • Providing documentation support for FSSAI registration to M/s Albert David Ltd. Kolkata.

  • Provided freelance consultancy for manufacturing of numerous FMCG products like Health Drinks, Personal Hygiene, Domestic and Industrial Cleaners to M/s Himgiri Agencies Ltd.

  • Provided freelance consultancy for manufacturing of veterinary and aquaculture pharmaceuticals to BRL Vetcare Ltd.

  • Planning and business promotion strategy formulation of Saloni Business Park – a Biotech SEZ in Maharashtra.

  • Project planning, technical assistance, equipment design, and project implementation supervision of a small scale biofertiliser unit of Bharsa Biotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. At Siliguri

  • Technical assistance to Konark Healthcare Ltd. For their phytochemical plant in Daman.

  • Project planning and technical assistance to Aditi Bioscience Ltd. – a biofertiliser unit at Kolkata.

  • Planning of modernization of product packaging of Eastern Distilleries Corp. Ltd. –A Govt. of West Bengal Enterprise.

  • Economic reconstruction planning of Biocaps India Ltd. – a hard gelatin capsule manufacturing unit in WB  

Professional History
View of the farm
First Phase Plantation
Quality Control Laboratory
Formulation Unit

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1st February, 2015 to 15th November, 2015


Chief Operations and Technical Officer 


 Industrius Blizam

 5th Avenue, 12-31, Zone 9, Edificio El Cortez, Guatemala City,

 Guatemala, Central America

Job Responsibilities : Planning and Operational Management ofStevia Venture comprising Nursery (60,000 plants per day), Farm (50 Ha.), Upcoming Extraction Unit (100 TPA) and Formulation Unit (Per day production 2,50,000 sachets, 10,000 packs of liquids, 5,000 packs of spoonable). Leading the Product and Process Management Team. 

Janus Retail Products
Industrial products
Janus non-stevia products

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Contract Farming Meeting
Contract signing
Phytochemical Lab
Govt. visit to Anubhav Lab
Visit to project construction site

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15th May,2009 – 31st March, 2014


Director and Chief Executive Officer,

Anubhav Biotech Ltd.

HB-226, Salt Lake City,    

 Sector – III, Kolkata 700 091,

 West Bengal, India.

Worked on designing and setting up a 300 Kg per day Stevia Extraction unit.  Successfully established 250 contract farming for stevia. Developed several steviol glycoside based retail formulations. Done R&D on Liposomal Carcumin, Artemisinin Extraction, industrial production of Mannan Oligosaccharide from brewers' yeast. Established tea processing enzyme facility and started commercial production.

Stanpack Extraction Unit
Stanpack Extraction Unit
Stanpack Extraction Unit
Stanpack Extraction Unit
Stanpack Production Unit
Stanpack Vacuum Tray Dryer

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15th May, 2008 – 15th May, 2009

(Overlapping with earlier assignment)


Technical Advisor

Stanpack Pharma Pvt. Ltd. 

Village - Lodi Majra, Manpura Dhela Road,

Tehsil - Nalagarh, District Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India


Established a 100Kg per day Stevia extraction plant (commercially operational) with the financial help from Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council, Department of Science and technology, Govt. Of India.

Enzyme Assay
Solid Substrate Fermentation
Vacuum Dryer
Microbiology Lab
Trichoderma used for pectinase produ

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April, 2001 – April, 2007    


Senior Scientist

Sun Biotechnology Ltd.      

Corporate Office - 3A, Shakespeare Sarani, Kol-17, India,

Factory – 28, BT Road, Kolkata – 58, India

Set up the manufacturing facility for pectinase from scratch. Looked after all the production related and R&D activity. Developed a novel solid substrate fermentation process with inert carrier and synthetic medium for large-scale production of Pectinase for Jute, Tea and Fruit Processing. Developed production technology for Alkaline Protease, Granulated Phytase, and Bacillus thurigiensis based liquid biopesticides. Developed industrial extraction technology of Stevioside (a natural zero calorie sweetener) from Stevia plants.  

Nitrofix 6
Nitrofix 1
Nitrofix 5
Nitrofix 3
Nitrofix 2
Nitrofix 4

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June, 1996 – April, 2001


Nitrofix Laboratories                     

(A Collaborative Unit of West Bengal

Forest Development Corporation Ltd.)
25, Bansdroni Avenue, Kolkata 70, India

Supervised production and quality control of free living and symbiotic nitrogen fixing microorganism based biofertilisers.Took part in marketing strategy formulation, production of promotional materials (print, audio-visual and software) and organization of producer-user interface meetings. Organised several field trails. Worked as Co-Principal Investigator in two technology development and demonstration project on application of biofertilisers in sericulture funded by Swiss Federal Council through Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.Worked as Co-Investigator in a physico-chemical and microbiological survey project in two districts of West Bengal, funded by Department of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal.Worked as a Co-Investigator in a technology development project on application on biofertilisers and mycorrhiza in forest nurseries, funded by Department of Forests, Govt. ofWest Bengal.

Major Achievements
Farm and Nursery Management for Stevia
  1. Successfully established a modern plant propagation unit in Guatemala with a production capacity of 60,000 plants per day.

  2. Established mechanized farming in 50 Ha. in Guatemala with modern mulching and drip irrigation system.

  3. Developed close business rapport with major planting material producer all over the world. Gathered valuable resources about availability of various high yielding cultivars worldwide and their genetic traits.

  4. Long experience in soil nutrient management, production and application of microbial bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides.

Post Harvest Processing of Stevia

Designed and successfully tasted farm level post-harvest facility comprising mechanized fluid bed dryer, leaf and stem separator and hydraulic bailing.

Steviol Glycoside Extraction and Purification
  1. Developed a non-traditional steviol glycoside extraction method and implemented the technology in two commercial units.Liaisoned with Chinese Technology providers for a 100 TPA steviol glycoside production unit, Received and evaluated the entire technical design, and sourced the equipment from different parts of world.

  2. Acquired in-depth knowledge about Chinese resin based extraction technology, IHBT water based technology and alternative highly efficient solvent extraction technology. Acquired entire technology package for all the three systems.

  3. Acquired in-depth knowledge and hands on experience in HPLC and other analytical procedure for leaf glycoside profiling and product quality control.

Retail and Industrial Product Formulation
  1. Developed and commercialized retail formulations in sachet, tablet, liquid and spoonable forms for 4 companies.

  2. Was associated with product development of another 2 companies through third party arrangement.

  3. Developed “all organic” formulations for a Guatemalan Company

  4. Developed several industrial formulation for institutional consumers.

Core Competence

Stevia modern nursery/plant propagation unit design and management.


Technology sourcing, designing, equipment sourcing and implementing modern Steviol glycoside extraction facilities.


Designing and management of mechanized Stevia farms with modern irrigation and nutrition management.


Management and technical trouble shooting of extraction facilities.


Preparation and validation of Standard Operating Procedures for Nursery and Farm Operations.

Product quality control and documentations for regulatory clearances.


Designing and implementing appropriate post-harvest facility for stevia.


Designing, equipment sourcing and implementing modern Steviol glycoside formulation facilities.


Process Documentation according to HACCP, ISO 22000 and GMP regulations.


Technical back-up to marketing and business promotion.

Professional Summery

Senior technical and operations management professional with more than 15 years’ experience and wide exposure in stevia farming, post-harvest processing, extraction and formulation (retail and industrial). Experienced in planning and implement green-field ventures, farm and production infrastructure designing, own technology development or outsourcing. Handled technical operations in large corporates.


Well known within the industry for comprehensive technical knowledge about Steviol glycoside extraction and formulation processes as well as delivery of exceptional product quality and service. Has long exposure in industrial biotechnology and fermentation technologies.

Plant Propagation

Mechanized Farming

Post Harvest Technology

Extraction Unit Design

Extraction Unit Management

Regulatory Clearances

Marketing Technical Backup

September, 1991 – June, 1996


Research Fellow

Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology

Nimpith Ashram, South 24 Parganas.

West Bengal, India

Worked in Technology Development and Demonstration Project on Cyanobacterial Biofertilisers, funded by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.Worked on microbial waste recycling and phosphate solubilisation, biological nitrogen fixation by cyanobacteria and freeliving and symbiotic organisms, Developed enriched composting technology with locally available raw materials.Worked on mushroom technology for spawn production and decentralized farming. Offered technical assistance to numerous mushroom farms.

1st April,2014 to 31st January, 2015

Technical Director


Janus Life Sciences

65 A, Satish Mukherjee Road,

Kolkata – 700026, West Bengal, India


Job Responsibilities : Planning, Operational Management, Product Development and Technical Business Promotion for Stevia based consumer products, Tea processing enzymes and pharmaceutical active ingredients.


Stevia Pilot Plant
Methocarbamol plant
Metformin Plant

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April, 2007 – 15th May, 2009   


Senior Technical Executive,

Innova Biosystems Ltd.

2406, Garia Main Road, Hindusthan Crossing,

Kolkata – 84, West Bengal, India


Planned and set up the pectinase enzyme manufacturing facility. Looked after all the production related and R&D activity and provided technical support to the marketing set-up. Established a small pilot plant for Stevia extraction. Worked on development of production technology for acid cellulose from bacidiomycetes and a biocidal polymeric plastic additive based on poly oxy ethylene – guanidine co-polymer. Developed lab-bench scale production technology of Chitosan from shrimp process waste. Worked on novel drug delivery systems based albumin nano-carriers.

Analytical Laboratory
Green House
Cyanobacterial Culture Room
Mushroom Culture
Microbiology Lab
Plant Tissue Culture

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