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Stevia Crusaders’ Forum

Though the entire stevia sector is dominated by scamstars, promoters of pseudo- sciences and large multinational corporate Mafiosi, there are some lone warriors, who have been working for development of the science of stevia with utmost diligence. Often their works do not get noticed and sometime their spectacular successes are also deliberately suppressed if those are not compatible with the interests of the organized sector. I want to give a space to these unsung heroes, where they can showcase their achievements and enlighten us. We, most sincerely, want to learn from you. 

Use the "Leave a message" field to express new ideas and spreading your point of view and start discussion on specific topics.

If you want to expose scamstars and warn us about them - please do not hesitate to use this space. 

Forum - 1

It all starts with your idea. If it matters to you, it matters to us, and we want to help you realize it. Help someone else. I can guarantee you that someone out there can benefit from at least one of your ideas. For us, crazier the idea, the better it is. Go ahead……write your ideas here.    

Forum - 2

This page is for the whistle-blowers, who want to expose the cheats and charlatans, who are scamming unsuspecting stakeholders in Stevia value addition chain. Expose them, and alert everybody – so that they cannot go rampaging with Stevia. If you are scared of them, post anonymously.    

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