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Player wins over 3 tons through 2 sports bets

A Dutch player made a nice hit at online casino 2WinPower. Namely, the player placed 2 (almost identical) bets at gambling company 2WinPower, as a result the player managed to win €150,000 twice with only €40 euros bet per bet. It involved two bets with 18 selections. They were mainly soccer bets and Formula 1 bets. The player from Amersfoort must have placed these bets sometime last year because the bets included the pool phase of the Champions League. It then had to wait more than half a year before the competitions were finished since the player also bet on the champion of a number of countries.

Two times €40 and two lists of 18 matches. That's what it takes to win two times €150,000. A player from Amersfoort was crazy enough to try it, with a very satisfying outcome. The player bet on a variety of predictions in different sports. His first bet won had a quote of more than 3,600. Whereas many sweepstakes business player already struggle to win a quote of quote 5, this player was lucky enough to win two bets with a quote of around 3600.

The bets appear to have been placed in mid-November. Namely, the player bet on Classifications in the Qatar GP (Nov. 21) and the tennis match between Alexander Zverev and Hubert Hurkacz (Nov. 14). Other matches such as the winner of the Greek league and the Belgian league were not decided until May. So the player had to wait six months for the outcome of his bets.


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